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Pet Grooming in Houston, TX For Your Dog or Cat

Pet Groomers at Best Care Animal Hospital in Houston If you’re searching for professional pet grooming in Houston and Spring, TX for your dog or cat, Best Care Animal Hospital is here to assist you. In addition to being an experienced, reliable Spring and Houston, TX veterinarian, we are also a premier cat and dog groomer. 

 We offer a full suite of pet grooming services for your dogs and cats. However, we also offer a mobile pick up service that allows us to professionally groom your pets and then transport them back to your home. 

Trusted, Effective Pet Grooming in Houston and Spring For Your Cat or Dog

This added mobile service makes our pet grooming one of the most convenient and friendly in the area. If you are searching for pet grooming in Houston and Spring, TX for your cat or dog, look no further. Houston veterinarian Best Care Animal Hospital is the premier pet groomer in the area, and we are ready to help your pet to look and feel their very best.

Best Care Animal Hospital

Best Care Animal Hospital in Houston is pleased to bring high quality pet grooming services to the Houston, TX area and surrounding communities. Our licensed groomers offer expert clipping and grooming services for dogs and cats of all breeds and sizes. We will tailor our services to the ideal look for your unique pet. 

Our Suite of safe, Professional Grooming Services include:

  • Standard bathing
  • Medicated bathing
  • Nail trimming
  • Show grooming
  • Fashion grooming
  • Eye cleaning
  • Ear cleaning
  • Anal glands expression
  • Anti-allergic treatments.
  • Different levels of sedation, if needed, for very anxious, nervous and/or pets with behavioral issues around other pets or people

Golden Retriever PuppySince we are also a full service veterinarian, we provide on-site doctor supervision to ensure your pet’s safety throughout the entire grooming process. We can provide pet sedation at the ideal levels for your pet if required or upon request. 

Pet Grooming Partners in Spring and Houston: Pooches' Friends

Our pet hospital is partnered with Pooches' Friends, which is owned and operated by Maria Delgado, a seasoned and highly experienced pet groomer. For more information about high quality, safe and conscientious pet grooming, get in touch with our pet hospital or click on this link to learn more about the pet stylist at Pooches' Friends.

Best Care Animal Hospital Is Here For Your Pet

At your Houston veterinarian Best Care Animal Hospital, we bring professional pet care for all phases of your pet’s life. We also offer safe, effective pet grooming services for dogs and cats to ensure that your pet is always looking and feeling their best. Give us a call today to schedule a pet grooming appointment. Your Houston veterinarian is dedicated to your pet’s health and well being. Browse our website for additional information regarding animal surgery, pet boarding and our other professional veterinary care services.

New patients receive 15% OFF first visit.

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  • "Dr. Anderson has always gone above and beyond for the care of our family's pets for several years."
    John Doe / San Diego, CA

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