About the Doctor

Eduardo JImenez DVM

DVM and General Manager

I built the practice in January 2011 and opened for Animal care/business on June 1, 2011.

I became a Veterinarian because, other love of animals, I realized early in my life God gave me the ability and/or the skills to heal them and literally fix animals when they are sick or have a traumatic event. Even though it is not always possible to save every one of my lovely critters, every day I put all of my knowledge, acquired training, skills and most important all of my heart to make sure to do everything in my power to both keep my patients healthy and bring the hurt or sick ones back to good health.

After I graduated from high school, one of my friends took me to his new veterinary collage to show me around as he was so proud to be accepted in a very competitive and prestigious Vet school. I had the opportunity to see first hand how an animal hospital operates and how much animals need help to keep them healthy. Something change in my life, even though I really love and care for animals, I never thought of actually help many of them and learn the details of their behavior, anatomy, medicine etc, and become a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. That visit open a big door for my to just make an idea in to a dream coming truth, becoming an animal Doctor.

I came a veterinarian by really making an idea into reality. Playing and basic caring for animal was just the beginning. I put my mind, energy and skill to the test by applying to vet school in my own country, Colombia south America. I graduated from a very hard vet school in 1990. Then I decided to come to United states to validate my profession and became license in two states. I practiced in Alabama for 10 years, then move to Texas where l have been practicing for 16 years.

I really enjoy to keep pets healthy, fix them when they are literally broken (fractures or deformities) and also help my patients to have a comfortable, pain free senior years.
Keep my healthy patiences even healthier by promoting a comprehensive preventive medicine program that grantee all pets will be up to date on basic care and provide all the tools for the owner to maintain excellent health for their love once.

Accidents happen and bad traumatic events occurs when you less expected, but I have dedicated my profession to enable my medical and surgical skills to help my patients by putting them back
together when they are really hurt. Orthopedic surgery has been my passion, I have great respect for it due to the challenge that every individual case bring to me. 

It really keeps me on my toes as there are not two case the same an each individual surgery demands my full surgical performance. Also, I enjoy working with my senior pets by providing several ways to keep them moving, free of pain and living a good quality of life. I am originally from Colombia South America. I grew up in the Capital, Bogota. I went to "La Universidad de La Salle", A very prestigious vet school in Colombia.

My family is very big; Two incomparable parents, 2 older brothers and 3 younger sisters, 18 uncles and Aunts, about 60 cousins and the children of my cousins, some of them I have not even meet yet. We love to spend time together, eat our awesome food, celebrate all special occasions with music and dancing.

I have been blessed by God with the most wonderful wife a man can have. She is my best friend, my support, and she has given me the joy and the reason to continue living a happy life, I am taking about my two awesome children, Alexa and Eduardo II. We all four spend very quality of time, I love to help them with school, support them with their Ninja warrior activities. We learn from each other a lot, we enjoy dancing, listen to great music, cooking and going to church together.

Go out to eat good food as well as cooking, playing soccer, watching sports, work out at the Gym, good music and Dancing are my hobbies. I enjoy spend time with my family eating in good restaurants. We get ideas from others to cook at home which is a great way to spend quality time with me closest family. I have play soccer all my life. Before going to vet school I trained with a soccer clubs in my country, It was amazing but the coach made me decided between soccer or my profession. I am very happy with my decision and now soccer is more like a Hobby that I enjoy greatly.

I follow every single game of my national team, and when time allows it , many national and international teams. My wife and I go to the gym 2—3 times a week right before going to work, it really help us maintain high levels of energy as well as enable us to spend time together. When we are at home there is always great music playing in the background, all kind we not live with out it. Two to three times a months we go dancing to different clubs around town, is probably to most relaxing time away from the daily routine.

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