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Best Care Animal Hospital Offers Treatment for Many Conditions

Your pet may require a variety of veterinary services during his or her life, from check-ups in the early months to senior care in the later years. At Best Care Animal Hospital in Houston, TX, we provide care for many different types of pet health problems.

Best Care Animal Hospital Offers Treatment for Many Conditions

Eye & Ear Infections

Ear infections are among the most common reasons to see the vet. Some breeds with long ears are particularly susceptible to these infections because of poor airflow to the ear canal. Eye infections can develop because of minor injury to the eye or a foreign object blown into the eye. Antibiotic ointments or drops can help to relieve these problems.

Skin Problems

Skin eruptions are often caused by external parasites like fleas, ticks, or mosquitoes. Allergies can also cause bumps, redness, scratching, and oozing of the skin.

Gastrointestinal Issues

Vets often see pets with upset tummies, vomiting, and diarrhea. These can occur from indiscriminate eating or from more serious issues. Your vet will carefully investigate the cause of the problem and determine the right treatment to help your pet feel better.

Orthopedic Problems

Pets may have orthopedic problems from fractures, arthritis from aging, or congenital conditions. We can provide care and surgery for your pet, when necessary.

Urinary Tract Issues

Bladder infections are common in both dogs and cats. Some animals also develop bladder stones that can lead to serious problems. Your vet in Houston can help with diagnostic measures and medications to help get your pet back to health.

Endocrine System Disorders

Pets can develop diabetes, Cushing’s disease, and other issues from problems in their endocrine systems. We can provide testing and ongoing treatment for these issues.

Diet and Weight Problems

Obesity is an increasing problem in the pet population. Your veterinarian can help with careful monitoring of your pet’s weight, pet food advice, and ensuring that other health problems are not contributing to your pet’s weight issue.

Behavioral Issues

When your pet’s behavior becomes a problem for your household, your vet can help with helpful advice and attention to health issues that may be contributing to the problem.

Make Best Care Animal Hospital Your Veterinarians in Houston

Dr. Jimenez and the team at Best Care Animal Hospital are committed to providing quality care for their patients in Houston, Spring, and Tomball, TX, to ensure good health at every stage of life. We are a full service facility offering wellness care, preventative care, diagnostics, surgery, dental care, microchipping, boarding, and grooming. Call Best Care Animal Hospital today at (281) 251-0893 for an appointment to learn about the many services we provide for pets.

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