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Best Care Animal Hospital Treats Ear Infections

If you notice something unusual with your dog, a whining, a tilting of the head and scratching, or a constant shaking off from their head area, chances are they have a problem with their ears. Animals with long, droopy ears are more prone to ear infections, as there's a limited amount of airflow that can reach into the ear canal. As ear infections are one of the most common ailments plaguing your pet, our veterinarian in the Houston, TX area treats ear infections with antibiotics, ointments, and surgery if needed. If the condition is more severe or worsens, we'll thoroughly examine and diagnose from that point. 


The 3 types of ear infections

  1. Otitis externa - An inflammation that affects the outer and external areas of the ear canal.
  2. Otitis media - Infections within the middle part of the ear canal, oftentimes developed more intensely due to an outer ear infection.
  3. Internal - When the inner ear is affected there's more seriousness to the condition. If your animal is experiencing lack of coordination or circling motions or head tilting, these can signify the onset of deafness or facial paralysis. It's important to seek treatment if any of these symptoms appear.

Symptoms of ear infections

Oftentimes, ear infections can develop as a result of a foreign object that blows into the ear and worms its way into the ear canal, for instance, a foxtail weed. These dry and tiny nuisances are known to affect the overall health of a dog, especially if left untreated. Dogs enjoy playing and romping, and during the high season of Spring, there's more growth of foxtails and tall grasses. If you sense your dog has been affected with any of the symptoms, such as the head tilting, shaking of the head, or whining, please make an appointment with us in Houston. Our veterinarian needs to assess the next steps to take, which is typically sedation to remove the foxtail after an examination.

Following are more symptoms of ear infections:

  • Scaly skin
  • Odors
  • Itchiness
  • Redness and swelling
  • Pawing at the affected ear and whining
  • Head shaking
  • Dark, smelly discharge from the ear

Because the ear canals are extremely sensitive, it is wise to check your dog's ears every so often to ensure they are clear of debris and dirt.

What's the next step?

Call our Best Care Animal Hospital in the Houston or Tomball area of TX. Don't try to treat your dog's ear infections at home. Make an appointment with our veterinarian and be prepared to provide us with your pet's health history so we can make an accurate diagnosis. Their health and wellness is our purpose! You can call us at 281-251-0893 to schedule an appointment today!

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