Flea and Tick Prevention

Flea and Tick Prevention at Best Care Animal Hospital

When your pet takes up that ominous behavior of compulsive scratching, biting or chewing at invisible irritants, you may be looking at flea or tick infestation. These pests can spread disease as well as make your beloved companion miserable. That's when you need a veterinary hospital that can provide ongoing flea and tick prevention. You can get that care here at Best Care Animal Hospital, serving Houston, Tomball, and Spring TX.

Fleas and Ticks: Unwanted, Unhealthy Invaders

Fleas and ticks are very different creatures, but they have one objective in common: feeding off of host animals by drinking their blood. The bites of these pests have several negative effects. For starters, many pets have allergic reactions to the saliva, causing them to experience the itchy, reddened skin of dermatitis. Pets naturally scratch and chew these irritated areas, which may damage the skin to the point that bacteria can infect it.

But some of the most dangerous effects of flea and tick bites occur internally. Fleas can transmit cat scratch fever, haemobartonellosis, tapeworm infestations, and even bubonic plague. Tick bites can cause your pet to suffer from Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, ehrlichiosis, or other threats to his health.

Tick and Flea Treatment Options From Our Veterinarian

Your pet may have a full-blown flea or tick infestation before you even realize that a problem exists. Rest assured that our veterinarian can help your pet rid himself of these unwanted guests through our flea and tick treatment options. Our grooming services include medicated baths that can kill pests and get them off of your pet's body, while our dermatology services can soothe allergic reactions and treat bacterial infections.

The problem with handling flea and tick infestations in a reactive manner is that once those infestations occur, disease transmission may already have occurred as well. Flea and tick prevention is always the preferred approach -- and Best Care Animal Hospital can handle your pet's preventative needs for life. As soon as your pet is old enough to tolerate preventative medications, our veterinary center can prescribe specific products that eradicate fleas and ticks at various stages in their life cycles. Most preventative tick and flea treatment products are monthly oral or topical medications, but long-lasting collars are another option.

Schedule Preventative Care for Your Houston, Tomball, or Spring TX Pet

Don't wait until your Houston, Tomball, or Spring TX pet is tormented by fleas and ticks to take action against these pests. Call Best Care Animal Hospital at (281) 251-0893 to schedule preventative care!

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