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Discover Medically Supervised & Personalized Pet Boarding at Our Houston Animal Hospital

Best Care Animal Hospital offers safe, secure, and clean boarding services for the convenience of pet owners and their animals living in the Houston, TX area. With dedicated staff members and an on-site veterinarian, we provide personalized service for your pet with comfort and attentiveness.

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Why Board My Pet? Benefits of Pet Boarding

There are a host of reasons why boarding your pet at our veterinary clinic in Houston is a fantastic solution for when you need a little help looking after your beloved animal companion:

  • With direct supervision and daily playtime and exercise, your pet will be safer and more engaged while you're away or unavailable. We can also administer any medications or accommodate any special requests for your pet's well-being. 
  • Thanks to pet boarding, you don't have to worry about your animal getting into things it shouldn't home, accidentally eloping, or worse becoming a victim to theft (sadly, it happens). 
  • Boarding your animal gives you greater peace of mind, so you can relax and focus on your tasks at hand—whether business or pleasure!
  • In the rare event of a medical emergency, our vet team will be immediately available to assist your animal. 

So, whether you're headed out of town, doing a home remodel or renovation, hosting guests, are facing prolonged hospitalization yourself, or running into any other obstacle making it hard for you to mind your pet, we strongly encourage you to call us and book a boarding visit. 

What to Expect When Boarding Your Cat or Dog with Our Houston Veterinarian Team

We want to be your pet's home away from home! Check out the range of services and options we offer to our boarded animal friends: 

  • A separate air conditioner unit for the kennel
  • Separate housing for dogs and cats (we accept large dogs, small dogs, and cats)
  • Clean and spacious indoor space for playtime and exercise
  • Special diets and medication administered
  • Special needs medical patients welcome
  • Veterinary supervision
  • Daily walking and personalized attention 
  • Professional bathing, grooming, and nail trimming

Before boarding your animal with us, we'll need to make sure its vaccinations and parasite preventive medications are up-to-date. We're happy to help you get everything in order before you need us!

Are You Ready to Try Pet Boarding at our Houston Veterinarian?

Our bilingual, friendly, and professional staff is here to answer any questions you may have about pet boarding in Houston, TX. Contact Best Care Animal Hospital today at (281) 251-0893.

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  • "Best Care Animal Hospital has always gone above and beyond for the care of our family's pets for several years."

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