Pet Dehydration and Heatstroke

If you've lived in Houston for any amount of time, you know how mercilessly hot and humid the summers can be. People need to take precautions to stay safe during heatwaves, and it's important to make sure your pets stay cool and hydrated in the heat, too. Dogs and cats can quickly lose water from their bodies and struggle to keep themselves cool during the warmest months of the year. If your pet is dehydrated or is showing signs of heatstroke, bring them to Best Care Animal Hospital, serving Houston, Spring, and Tomball.

Pet Dehydration and Heatstroke

Pet Dehydration: Recognizing the Signs

In hot weather, your pet needs extra fluids to stay healthy. Not all pets naturally drink enough to stay hydrated in the heat, especially if they're outside and away from a water source. Some common signs of dehydration in pets include the following:

  • Pale or dry gums
  • Skin that does not "bounce back" immediately when pinched
  • Weakness, drowsiness, or lethargy
  • Sunken eyes
  • Fast or weak heart rate
  • Lack of appetite

Mild dehydration can often be treated at home by encouraging your pet to drink more water, but severe dehydration constitutes a medical emergency and requires immediate IV treatment. If you aren't sure whether your pet is in danger, take the cautious route and bring them to a veterinarian.

Pet Heatstroke: A Medical Crisis You Shouldn't Ignore

Pet heatstroke occurs when your cat or dog is unable to regulate their own body temperature to a safe level. Dehydration increases the risk of heatstroke in pets. If your pet is displaying any of the following symptoms, they may have heatstroke.

  • Excessive drooling
  • Heavy panting
  • Weakness, lethargy, or collapse
  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • Fast heart rate
  • Seizures

Pets can die from heatstroke. If your pet is showing signs of overheating, getting them to a veterinarian right away is crucial.

Protecting Your Pet from the Heat

You can help your pet stay safe in the summer heat by taking the following precautions:

  • Do not leave your pet in a parked car. It is not safe to leave a pet in a car for any amount of time.
  • Be sure your pet has access to clean water and shade at all times.
  • Walk your dog in the morning or the evening, not during the hottest part of the day.

Our TX Veterinarian Provides Emergency Care for Pets with Heatstroke

Best Care Animal Hospital provides life-saving care for pets suffering from dehydration or heatstroke in Houston, Tomball, and Spring. If you think your pet may be experiencing one of these emergencies, come to our animal hospital sooner rather than later. You can reach us by phone at 281-251-0893. 

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