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Pet Exams with our Houston Veterinarians at Best Care Animal Hospital

Visiting our Houston veterinarians regularly is an important way of keeping your pet healthy and happy. At Best Care Animal Hospital, we can provide your pets with a variety of services, including pet wellness exams that gauge their health and provide preventative care that could diagnose any conditions that could drastically affect their health.

Dog with a veterinarian for a pet examWellness Exams with our Veterinarians

When you take your furry friend in for a pet physical, our veterinarian will go over various aspects of your pet’s health and well-being. These aspects of your pet include:

  • Important Physical Attributes  –  A pet's height and weight are gauged to see whether or not they are getting chubby or losing too much weight. 
  • Gum Health and Dental Check-up – A physical includes a quick look at a pet's overall dental health to get a feel for any problems that could be impacting them.  Your veterinarian may suggest an extra pet dental cleaning and exam.
  • Their Coat – A pet's coat can tell a lot about their health, and veterinarians check it thoroughly to ensure that nothing is wrong. 
  • Feet and Tail – The feet, paws, and tail of a pet are also important indicators of various health problems. They must be checked regularly to ensure they are healthy.

Why Vaccinations are So Important

Vaccinations are a critical part of your pet's overall health. They protect your buddies from serious diseases and stop them from spreading them to other animals as well. During your pet examination, your veterinarian will follow up with your pet’s vaccinations and will bring them up to date if necessary.

Keeping Your Pets Safe From Heartworms

A trip to a Tomball vet can spot any symptoms of heartworms in your pets. This parasitic infection is a devastating one because it can affect your pet's heart and other areas of their body. Once these parasites are spotted, the vet can treat them and get them out of your pet's body. Then, they can provide care treatments to prevent them from coming back.

Geriatric Screening is Particularly Important

When your pup is in the prime of her life, you may not be as concerned for their health. But as they get older, geriatric pet screenings are essential. These senior pet exams diagnose problems such as arthritis and cancer and can spot severe issues before they become impossible to manage.

Schedule a Pet Exam with our Houston Veterinarians

At Best Care Animal Hospital, we provide your pets with the experienced care they need to stay healthy. Our Houston veterinarians also serve Spring, Tomball, and many other surrounding communities. Call us at (281) 251-0893 to learn more about how we can get the pet examinations that your little furry friends need to stay healthy.


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