Pet Eye Infections

An Overview of Pet Eye Infections from Best Care Animal Hospital

It is important for everyone to take care of their ocular health. This means making sure that exams are performed by a trained professional on a regular basis. This goes for pets as well as people. Sometimes, pets can develop an eye infection just like people. When pets come down with an ocular infection, this can cause serious problems for not only the pet but the pet owners as well. Everyone needs to make sure that they have a reliable veterinary doctor to take their animals to. The reliable team from Best Care Animal Hospital is here to make sure that everyone in the Houston, Spring, and Tomball, TX area understands the basics of pet eye infections. 


The Symptoms of a Pet Eye Infection

If a pet has developed an eye infection, there are a number of symptoms that might appear. First, the eye is going to appear red and swollen. This is due to the inflammation that has developed in and around the eye. Furthermore, there might even be bruising that is present around the eye if the infection has damaged any of the blood vessels. Sometimes, the eye might be so swollen that the pet is unable to open it. Next, the pet might also show signs of pus draining from the eye. This happens when the immune system is trying to eject the infection from the eye itself.

The Treatment of a Pet Eye Infection

If a pet has come down with an eye infection, the treatment is typically going to involve antibiotics. A trained vet will take a look at the fluid that is coming from the eye. Then, a culture will be performed to figure out exactly what is growing. Once the identity of the bug has been determined, the vet will prescribe antibiotics that are used to kill the infection. This will go a long way toward helping pets recover. While it might take a few days, most pets who have developed an eye infection are going to make a full recovery with our help.

Rely on the Veterinarian Team from Best Care Animal Hospital

These are only a few of the most important points that owners need to remember when their furry friends are dealing with an ocular infection. A veterinary doctor knows how to diagnose and treat these types of infections appropriately, allowing pets to preserve their vision. The experienced vets from Best Care Animal Hospital are here to make sure that everyone in the Houston, Spring, and Tomball, TX area has a place to help take care of their furry friends. Call us today to schedule an appointment with our team.

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