Ear Cropping

Ear Cropping from our Veterinarians in Houston and Spring

An ear cropping is a cosmetic procedure that is done on dogs. There are many reasons why dog owners will opt to have the ears cropped, but all pet parents who are considering this procedure should know some basic information about the procedure before they make the decision to have the surgery done on the dog.

Why Choose To Have Your Dogs Ears Cropped?

Many pet parents believe that cropping a dog’s ears will enhance the look of the head. Other pet parents crop a dog’s ears to help the dog maintain their historic function since the shorter ears are conducive to some working breeds.

For some dog breeds, cropped ears is a breed standard. These dogs likely aren’t required to have the ears done if they are going to enter the show ring. American Bullies, for example, can be shown with cropped ears or without. 

Each kennel club has its own standards for each breed. The American Kennel Club, for example, has 20 dog breeds on its rolls that can have cropped ears. Checking the breed standard for a specific breed with your chosen kennel club will let you know the position on cropped ears that you need to follow if you will show the dog.

The Ear Cropping Procedure

The dog is evaluated before the procedure to determine the type of cropping and the suitability of the procedure. It is given anesthesia and the surgical procedure is done to remove the portion of the ear that would normally flop over. The incision is closed with either staples or sutures, depending on what is best at the time of the procedure. The dog is then taken into recovery while it comes out of anesthesia.

Recovery Post-Procedure

Dogs will usually recover remarkably well after this procedure. The ears are sometimes wrapped to help train them to remain erect. They may be given antibiotics and pain relieving medications to help with the recovery. Pet owners will have to make an appointment to have the ears rewrapped if required. Suture and staple removal will come at a predetermined interval after the surgery is completed. Dogs usually don’t have any long-term complications after the ear cropping procedure.

Learn More About Pet Ear Cropping By Calling Best Care Animal Hospital

You can contact us at Best Care Animal Hospital to make an appointment with our Houston veterinarian to have your dog’s ears cropped. Our website has helpful information to help you get started. Alternatively, you can give us a call to schedule the appointment at (281) 251-0893.

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