Pet Boarding FAQs

Pet Boarding

What is Pet Boarding?

Pet boarding refers to the temporary housing and care of pets while their owners are away. Rather than leaving your furry friend at home alone or relying on friends or family members for pet sitting, pet boarding facilities offer a secure and comfortable environment for your pet to stay in.

What Services are Provided at Pet Boarding Facilities?

Pet boarding facilities typically offer a range of services to ensure the well-being of your pet during their stay. These services may include feeding, exercise, grooming, and even medical care if needed. Some facilities also provide additional amenities such as playtime, training sessions, and webcam access so owners can check in on their pets remotely.

What Should I Pack for My Pet's Boarding Stay?

When preparing your pet for their boarding stay, be sure to pack its regular food, any necessary medications, favorite toys or bedding, and any special instructions for its care. It's also a good idea to provide contact information for our veterinarian in case of emergencies.

Is Pet Boarding Safe for My Pet?

Pet boarding can be a safe and secure option for your pet, especially when you choose a reputable facility that prioritizes the health and wellness of its guests. Most pet boarding facilities have strict safety protocols in place to ensure that all animals are properly cared for and monitored during their stay.

What Should I Expect During My Pet's Boarding Stay?

During your pet's boarding stay, you can expect him or her to receive attentive care from our trained staff members who are experienced in handling animals. Your pet will have access to food, water, and regular exercise. Our team will also closely monitor its health and behavior for any signs of distress or illness.

How Can I Prepare My Pet for Boarding?

To help your cat or dog adjust to their boarding stay, consider bringing it for a trial visit before the actual stay. This allows them to become familiar with the facility and staff members, reducing stress when it's time for its longer stay. Additionally, maintaining a regular routine and providing plenty of reassurance and affection can help ease your pet's transition.

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