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When you bring your pet to Best Care Animal Hospital, you quite naturally expect the best care for your special friend. Our Houston animal hospital makes that possible by providing a wide range of veterinary care services, from wellness care to advanced treatments. We're your pet's all-in-one resource for such beneficial services as:

Best Care Animal Hospital

Preventative Medicine Programs

Our Preventative Medicine Programs (PMP) make it more convenient and affordable than ever to coordinate your pet's preventative procedures. Pet exam services such as laboratory testing are combined with vaccinations, parasite protection, vital sign checks and internal organ function evaluation.

 Routine and Advanced Surgery

We offer all kinds of surgery at our Houston animal hospital -- from routine procedures such as spaying and neutering to sophisticated orthopedic reconstructions, delicate dental procedures, and potentially lifesaving emergency care. 

Dental Care

Your pet's dental health is in good hands at Best Care Animal Hospital. We can perform regular dental examinations and cleanings to make sure your pet's teeth remain free of disease. We can also extract a damaged tooth or perform other treatments as needed.

Ear Cropping

If your dogs breed standard calls for ear cropping, you'll find that this cosmetic procedure can be performed safely and expertly by our veterinarian in Houston, Dr. Jimenez. We will look after every aspect of the process, from the operation itself to suture removal, ear wrapping, antibiotics and painkillers.

Boarding and Grooming

Boarding at Best Care Animal Hospital is a smart way to ensure that your best friend has ready access to veterinary care while you're away -- as well as good food, exercise, and a safe, comfortable environment. We also offer veterinarian-supervised grooming services to help your pet maintain, not only an attractive look and smell, but also healthy skin, hair, anal glands and toenails. You can even get a discount on these services if you're making use of a PMP at our clinic.

Other Veterinary Care Services

In addition to the key services listed above, Best Care Animal Hospital can provide some valuable supporting services for your pet's benefit. For instance, in addition to our standard hip evaluation service, we have access to the University of Pennsylvania's PennHIP hip radiographic screening program. Other state-of-the-art diagnostic offerings include ultrasound and digital X-ray services.

Call Our Veterinarian in Houston

Whatever kind of veterinary care your pet needs, from a routine pet exam to major surgery, he can receive it right here at Best Care Animal Hospital. Call (281) 251-0893 today to schedule the necessary care with our veterinarian in Houston!

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