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Your Source for Veterinary Orthopedic Surgery in Houston

No pet owner relishes the idea of surgical procedures for their best friend. But when your pet is suffering from pain and lameness, orthopedic surgery can provide profound, lasting relief as well as greatly improved function. To make sure your pet receives the maximum benefit from his procedure, turn to Best Care Animal Hospital, your trusted source for veterinary orthopedic surgery in Houston TX. Our Houston veterinarian, Dr. Jimenez, is happy to offer such helpful services as:

  • PennHIP Hip improvement Program - Our Houston veterinarian is a certified member of the PennHIP network. This enables us to make detailed diagnostic assessments of the hip joint. By drawing on the enormous data in the central PennHIP database, we can determine whether your pet has any hip laxity that might mean osteoarthritis.
  • Femoral Hip Ostectomy (FHO) - Pets with hip dysplasia can often benefit from a femoral Hip ostectomy, or FHO. Instead of replacing the diseased hip joint, we simply remove the ball of the femur and allow the joint to build up a collection of scar tissue. This scar tissue acts as a kind of "false joint." While your pet's gait may remain slightly abnormal, he/she will no longer experience pain from his dysplasia.
  • Fracture Surgery - While simple or partial fractures may require nothing more than a cast or splint, complex or dislocated fractures call for surgical repair. We can use a combination of metal plates, screws and/or pins to hold the pieces of the bone in place until it heals. Pins are then removed, but there's no need to remove screws or plates. 
  • ACL Surgery - A ruptured ACL, or anterior cruciate ligament, robs the knee joint of much-needed stability. As a result, your pet may limb or hobble around painfully. We can perform ACL surgery to restore function and relieve pain. Smaller pets may receive sutures that stand in for the ruptured ligament, adding stability to the joint. Other heavier pets may require a  TPLO, TTA, in which the knee joint is remodeled so it no longer needs a functional ACL .
  • Luxating Patella Surgery - A luxating patella is a kneecap that chronically slips out of its normal position in the femoral groove, impairing knee function and causing pain. We can make surgical modifications to the femoral groove, tibia, or surrounding soft tissues to stabilize the kneecap.

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If you think your pet may need some surgical assistance in order to get around more easily and comfortably, call Best Care Animal Hospital at (281) 251-0893 for an evaluation. We can determine whether orthopedic pet surgery is the right treatment option!

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